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Whole World Ad Pays

Innovative way of Earning Online, Advertise With US and Earn, Membership is not required, Minimum Withdrawal $2.50, $1 Sign-Up bonuses first 10K Members, " Professional Teamwork "

Members Earn $0.02 For Each Cash Link Click You Do

Sponsors Earn $0.02 For Each Referral Cash Link Click

Up to 130% Earnings on every AdPack you buy in just A few days

WholeWorldAdPays is a professional advertising and revenue sharing company. Our company provides high quality advertising to boost your online business and those who are seeking for a way to earn money online. " Unlimited Withdrawal of your initially Purchases " !

Our Experienced Faculty

WholeWorldAdPays Team

Carlos Andrade /USA


Mercedes Rosal /Guatemala

Accountant Manager

Otoniel Ventura /Honduras


Dave Rabin /USA

Fraud Prevention Specialist

Gracia Almodovar /USA

English Customer Service

Didier Valdez /USA

Local Marketing Specialist

Wendy Carias /Guatemala

Spanish Customer Service


Manager Global Advertising Promotion

Experience Unique Feature

Our Features


| Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases offers you the ability to purchase more traffic exchange visitors without having to surf endlessly to earn the credits needed for the number of visitors you want to receive. Simply select the number of visitors you want, complete payment, and receive visitors.!

Whole World Ad Pays Traffic Packages offers you the ability to promote your website through a myriad of advertising websites to help you gain great exposure, increase recognition, and generate better overall results in gaining sign-ups, leads, and referrals.


| The Jackpot is one of the distinctive features of Whole World Ad Pays. Jackpot is similar to a lottery system Whole World Ad Pays Members have to purchase the Jackpot plan just like you purchase a lottery ticket. At the end of the Jackpot, a winner is declared and receives a prize from the Whole World Ad Pays, Every month Whole World Ad Pays will have a Jackpot which start up each first day and ends on the last day of each month. Good luck!


| Auto Contest is a vital feature of Whole World Ad Pays, Every 30 Days Whole World Ad Pays will be run contest to reward of promotional work of Whole World Ad Pays from its members, 3 winners of each contest will be declared by Whole World Ad Pays, at the end of each contest and excellent prize will be distributed to the winners, Every 30 Days Whole World Ad Pays will have the following contest, 1- Direct Referrals contest. and 2-Add Funds contest.

Experience Unique Feature

Our AdPacks

Whole World

Pack 1

Turn $3 Into $3.45




  • Mature at 115%
  • 12% Ref. Commission
  • 30 Banners Credit
  • 6-30 Seconds Cash Link
  • 50 Directory Listing
  • 25 Traffic Exchange
  • No Repurchase Rule
  • No Requirement
  • Maximun AdPacks 100

Whole World

Pack 2

Turn $5 Into $6




  • Mature at 120%
  • 12% Ref. Commission
  • 50 Banners Credits
  • 10-30 Seconds Cash Link
  • 100 Directory Listing
  • 50 Traffic Exchange
  • No Repurchase Rule
  • 30 WWAP 1 Required
  • Maximun AdPacks 200

Whole World

Pack 3

Turn $10 Into $12.50




  • Mature at 125%
  • 12% Ref. Commission
  • 100 Banners Credits
  • 20-30 Sec. Cash Link
  • 150 Directory Listing
  • 100 Traffic Exchange
  • No Repurchase Rule
  • 30 WWAP 2 Required
  • Maximun AdPacks 300

Whole World

Pack 4

Turn $20 Into $26




  • Mature at 130%
  • 12% Ref. Commission
  • 200 Banners Credits
  • 40-30 Sec. Cash Link
  • 200 Directory Listing
  • 150 Traffic Exchange
  • No Repurchase Rule
  • 30 WWAP 3 Required
  • Max. Packs Unlimited

Whole World

Fast Pack

Turn $1 Into $1.10




  • Mature at 110%
  • 10% Daily Cap
  • 12% Ref. Commission
  • 10 Banners Credits
  • 20 Directory Listing
  • 10 Traffic Exchange
  • 50/50 Repurchase Rule
  • No Requirement
  • Maximun AdPacks 888

Our Benefits

What do the Whole World Ad Pays users receive in exchange of each purchase of revenue share Ad packs?

Visits to your website

Packages contain up to 200 Surfing Directory Listing and 150 Traffic Exchange Credits ( Whole World PACK 4 ) to advertise other business or websites.

Revenue Share Hourly

Each hour, Whole World Ad Pays shares a huge percentage of its global earnings to all its members that own shares and are qualified.

Our Services

Whole World Ad Pays Which products services do we offer?

Advertising services with or without revenue share. These are the Ads without revenue share

Login ads

Login ads are the pop-up and Surfbar advertisings that we see every time we log in the back office of Whole World Ad Pays.

PTC adverts

With PTC adverts we have guaranteed visitors because they earn money each time they click on the AD.


PPC are Ads where the advertiser, after buying a pack with banners, it will spend every time a user click and visit the final.

Web Advertising

The advertiser only uses their cash of this pack each time that a visitor really clicks his website.

Text Ads

Text ADs are ads that have no graphics, just text. Banner ads are ads that people see the banner for a certain number of days. These can be fixed or animated.

Accepting Worldwide Payments

Payment & Security

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